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The ULTIMATE Puppy Proofing Guide

There are few things in life that are definite, and puppies wanting to chew on everything is one of them. Puppies have not yet met a single thing they haven’t wanted to chew on.

Puppies can be so unpredictable you will spend a lot of your time chasing after them saying “NO” until they think that is their name.

But it’s ok because today I’m here to save you some breath, at least as much as I can!

How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Cable Management

It is crucial that you lift all cables off the floor! A mess of cabled jumbled up behind your TV is welcoming puppy trouble.

An easy way to do this is trying to keep as much of your cable stashed away in your media center as possible. If you have a surge protector try putting that on a higher surface and bring all the cables up to it.

Also, it is a good idea to bundle up your cords a little bit if they have a lot of extra cord resting on the floor. The best tool in this process is zip-ties, they can keep it tight and neat so it looks and holds well.

Discourage Chewing With This Spray!

This magical bottle of spray (link to Amazon) will single-handedly save your furniture! I can attest to how well it works as when my dog was young I used to use this spray frequently.

It is an anti-chew spray that makes things taste bad to your dog. It is all-natural, non-staining, and cruelty-free so don’t worry about hurting your dog or furniture.

First, you spray it on the legs of your couch that your dog LOVES, then they return to chew it taste it and quickly step-back in DISGUST! Lastly, they will come back to the same leg and smell that spray and it will immediately deter them.

It is worth its weight in gold, and although your dog doesn’t like the smell of it I found that it actually smelt pretty nice. It’s worth noting that for best results make sure you apply several times over the course of the day because the smell and taste will wear off.

Keep Your Floors Clear Of Items You Care About

Whether it is your favorite pair of shoes or a sentimental item from that vacation earlier this year if you truly care about it find it a safe place.

If it is in reach of your dog they will try to chew it so you need to be one step ahead of them always. They can get clever too, I once saw my dog jump on a stack of towels to a small stand, and then onto a footrest just to get at his worst enemy…the leash.

The moral of the story is containers, cabinets, and counters will be your best friends in protecting your prized possessions. So stay vigilant and you can outthink fido.

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Baby Gate

If you can’t possibly protect all the things you care about in your home, then consider puppy proofing one room.

Once it is puppy-proofed you can use a baby gate (link to Amazon) to block the doorway. This way, you can still be in earshot of their barks for going outside or if they find themselves in trouble.

At the very least you can keep your dog in the least amount of trouble and in the most secure area for them.

Note: If you do choose to get a baby gate measure the door or walkway you plan to block off to make sure the gate is the right size.

Keep The Lid On Your Trash Or Get A Trash Can That Has One

It can be annoying to deal with the troubles of flipping open the trash can every time. But with a small puppy around it can be the difference between healthy and not healthy.

Dogs cannot eat a lot of things that humans can, much less can a puppy. So keep that lid on at all times because your puppy will try to hit it like a battering ram to get it to tip over and fulfill their desires.

If you find this to be a big problem with your puppy, I suggest taking out the trash more frequently to avoid them hitting the jackpot. Also, the less it smells the less interested they will be.

Keep All Medications And Food Stored In Safe Places

If you happen to have any medicine it is important that you keep it in a high cabinet in your kitchen. The chemicals in medicine can be very bad for dogs so try to ALWAYS keep it in an extra secure place where they can’t even look at it.

Same with food, if you happen to have any food in your room I would clean that up. Xylitol is a lethal ingredient to dogs and is often used in gum, candy, peanut butter, and other foods as an artificial sweetener. 

Put Away The Cleaning Chemicals And Poisons

For similar reasons to medication, there are chemicals in these things that are very bad for dogs that can be lethal. Make sure these are always put away in cabinets preferably in high cabinets your dog can’t wiggle their nose into.

Even puppies have teeth strong enough to break into any packaging no matter how strong it may be.

Double-Check Your House Plants

Some house plants are actually poisonous to dogs and can be lethal! So before you bring your pooch home you might have to get rid of your house plant, if it is one of the plants on this handy list.

DON’T Put Your Dog On Any High Surface

Puppies have not yet discovered the concept of gravity or that it hurts to jump off high surfaces. A term that is also relative to their size as even leaving them on your couch could be dangerous.

Puppies have soft bones that aren’t fully developed, so although they might be able to take the fall it is very possible they could get badly hurt.

Long story short, try to keep your dog grounded until they get stronger and smarter.

Keep Any Small Items Off the Floor

Try to do a scan of your floors before you bring your new puppy home. You don’t want your new pup to get their paws on any items like batteries, paper clips, hair clips, or anything like that.

Batteries are especially dangerous, any loose batteries must be cleaned up. If you really want to be cautious you should move your battery charge to a higher outlet.

You SHOULD NOT Feed Your Dog Any Scraps

Those adorable puppy eyes may seem irresistible, but I believe in you, you can resist the temptation. So many things can go wrong when feeding scraps it is best to avoid it.

Some reasons why I advise against it are choking, allergies, possibly toxic, and it can lead to begging or stealing food in the future. The food isn’t the only threat either as the seasoning can also be a threat.

If you do drop food on the floor accidentally you should try to grab it as quickly as possible before they leap on it. If they don’t know what’s on the table, they won’t be nearly as interested as once they do.

Keep The Toilet Lid Closed And The Bathroom Off Limits

Your dog wanders in during the day looking for a sip of some water when they notice a whole bowl full of it! Eureka! Your dog has hit the dirty water jackpot and once they are done it is time to give mommy or daddy kisses.

Before this happens to you, be sure to close the lid of your toilet, your future self thanks you. If you really want to go the extra mile in avoiding the spread of germs I would recommend keeping the bathroom door shut.

Even if the toilet lid is shut, your puppy will still try to lick what is on the outside of the bowl…trust me when I say you don’t want to happen.

Accidents Will Happen And Pee Pads Are Here To Help

Although you are training your dog to pee outside if you want to avoid cleaning up a few extra accidents every day I recommend pee pads. These are great for use in playpens and kennels.

There are reusable pads (link to Amazon) and disposable pads (link to Amazon) that can hold up to a certain amount of accidents before you should throw them away. I’ve used these before and can attest to their usefulness.

You can manage without these, but for not much money they certainly give you more peace of mind and smell.

Swapping Out The Doormats For Dog-Proof Ones

You will find that puppies love doormats, something about them just attracts puppies to them. It took me about 3 doormats before I decided it was time to change it up, so I want to help you get ahead of it.

Dog-proof doormats (link to Amazon) are doormats that can handle puppy and dog situations. These mats are usually more durable, and more resistant to dirt and messes. If you want to avoid some headaches, I recommend these.

Creating A Secure Backyard For Potty And Play Time

You may or may not have a fence if you do you can thwart 90% of your dog’s escape plans. If you don’t I would set one up in your backyard that is tall, has small holes in it and goes all the way to the ground.

While your dog is young and nimble they will be able to squeeze under the fence. Or if you have large gaps in it they might just go through it so I would closely watch them if this is the case.

While your dog is young you could also get a large playpen (link to Amazon) to set in your backyard that keeps them isolated to a certain amount of space. This can keep them out of trouble while still giving them plenty of freedom to run, play and do their duty.

Final Thoughts

Those are all the tips I can give you from my research and my own personal experience keeping adorable puppies safe. Congratulations by the way on this huge moment in your life and I hope you enjoy your adorable new puppy!

These tips are here to help and there may be quite a few of them, but don’t worry you will do great! Once you have the environment setup you will find a good routine of playing, training, eating and sleeping.

Best of luck, but I’m sure you will do AMAZING!


I started this site because I am a dog lover. Most of my social feeds are full of dogs and I am always learning more about them. I also have a lifetime of experience with dogs packed with tactics, tips, and funny stories that I want to share with the world!

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