What Kind Of Dog Is Marmaduke?

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What kind of dog is Marmaduke is a question some people still ask with regards to the lovable cartoon strip and movie dog.

Marmaduke is unmistakeably a Great Dane, a breed famous for its unique look and giant size. The original comic strip about the lovable canine was drawn by artist Brad Anderson from 1954 until Anderson’s death in 2015.

The comic strips still remain popular today.

Great Danes

There is no mistaking Marmaduke for any other breed of dog.

The first obvious clue is that Marmaduke is huge, and Greg Danes are known as one of the biggest breeds on Earth.

Also, he has a voracious appetite, as one would expect from a dog so large.

Some people have grown up knowing Marmaduke so well that they often mistake his name for the name of the dog breed.

They are often surprised to find out Marmaduke is a Great Dane.

Marmaduke was portrayed as a raucous but lovable dog of the Winslow Family. Not surprisingly, Great Danes are wonderful pets.

They love people and are extremely loyal to their families. They are great with kids, as well as other animals, though certain types can be feisty with other dogs.

About Marmaduke

Marmaduke was a lovable pet of the Winslow Family, engaging in many misadventures on his own and in a rivalry with his main nemesis King Tut, a Siamese cat.

The comics found different ways to exploit the dog’s size.

For example, if Marmaduke’s attention was focused on something, and he sat to stare at it, the unlucky Winsolw walking him at the time would have little choice but to usually pull on the leash or simply allow Marmaduke to stay where he was.

Marmaduke’s fame was not reserved only to comic strips. He was featured as a character on the popular cartoon Heahcliffe, and Marmaduke quickly earned himself enough popularity to become a featured character in the cartoon’s segments.

In June of 2010, a live-action film of Marmaduke was released. Played by an actual Great Dane (named George) the film helped to propel Marmaduke’s popularity to newer generations of viewers.

In fact, later in 2020, another remake of Marmaduke is set to hit the big screens.

The Marmaduke Comic Strip Today

Even Brad Anderson passed in 2015, his son took up the mantle and has continued the Marmaduke legacy.

The comic has retained many fans over the years and with bigger venues, like the film industry, still paying homage, that popularity is not expected to dwindle.

One may think that comics would get dated after a while, but they really adapt to the times. People had pet dogs when they started and still have them today, and dog lovers span even beyond that.

Final Thought

Unlike some other canine pop culture icons with questionable breeds, it’s hard to mistake the lovable Great Dane Marmaduke.

People have long been fascinated with Greg Danes, which may be part of the reason that Marmaduke is still such an accessible character.