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Which Dog Breed Group Do You Belong To?

There are several dog breed groups that dog breeds are categorized in to. Usually it is based on their physical traits and personality. Which is usually also decided by their physical traits.

Now you can find out what dog breed group you are a part of thanks to this fun quiz!


Are You Ready To Begin?

A picture of three boxer dogs with which dog breed group do you belong to text

How Do You Spend Time With Your Friends?

A picture of people together in a forest with a dog

You Are Invited To A Party, What Do You Say?

A picture of a dog wearing a birthday hat

Someone Tries To Attack Your Friend, What Do You Do?

A picture of dogs playing on a beach

How Do You Act Around Strangers?

A picture of a dog and a human shaking hands

How Do You Act Around Other People's Pets?

A picture of two dogs sitting together in the grass

Pick A Game To Play With A Dog

A picture of two dogs playing fetch

Someone New Comes To Your House, How Do You Act?

A picture of a bulldog laying on a carpet in a house

How Easy Is It For You To Learn New Things?

A picture of a woman teaching math

Pick A Living Situation

A picture of a hill with houses and apartments
Picture of an apartment building
A picture of a house in the suburbs

What Word Would Best Describe Yourself?

A picture of several tiles with letters on them


A picture of a golden retriever

You Belong To The Sporting Dog Breed Group

A picture of a basset hound laying down

You Belong To The Hound Dog Breed Group

A picture of a boxer dog

You Belong To The Working Dog Breed Group

You Belong To The Terrier Dog Breed Group

A picture of a poodle staring

You Belong To The Toy Dog Breed Group

A picture of a french bulldog chewing a stick

You Belong To The Non-Sporting Dog Breed Group

A picture of a german Shepard laying down

You Belong To The Herding Dog Breed Group

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