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Why Does My Dog Dig at Me?

We love our four-legged friends, there is no doubting that. But sometimes, they display certain types of behavior that are seriously annoying.

So, I decided to find out a bit more about why does my dog dig at me and what I can do to make it stop. Read on and find out what info I have found.

So, why does my dog dig at me? There are a few reasons. Your dog might just be bored and wants to play, they might have lost their toy, or they might not feel secure.

Not every dog displays this behavior, but if yours does feel comforted that you are not alone! There are a few different ways that they might dig around the home so I’m going to explain the main ones.

Why Does My Dog Dig at Me?

There is nothing worse than getting all comfy on the couch, settling down to watch some TV or read a book and then your dog jumps up and starts digging furiously at you.

They aren’t being aggressive or mean, they are just doing what comes naturally to them and that is to dig.

Sometimes it even looks like they are in a trance or they are dreaming because their focus becomes so intense on whatever it is, they are digging for.

Digging at the furniture

Digging at the furniture drives me crazy! Especially when the furniture costs so much! With my dog.

He usually digs on the couch cushions or under the dresser but has been known to dig on the bed and if I leave the comforter on the floor then he goes crazy at that too.

Reasons for this behavior

So looking at the research, it turns out that not only is it natural for dogs to dig but actually there are some serious causes that need to be addressed.

They are bored

Dogs will dig out of boredom to keep their minds busy. If they aren’t kept occupied with fun things to do and long walks then they are bound to get bored and start acting out.

To combat this, you could change up their routine or head to the store for some interactive dog toys to help stimulate your pup while you’re out.

They don’t feel secure

Sometimes if your dog feels threatened in their own home then they will dig as a natural instinct to hide. In the wild, they dig hideouts and this is simply what they are mirroring at home.

They are nesting

If your pup is in season, then they might be instinctively trying to build a nest.

They might have simply lost their toys

Check under the furniture to make sure your pooches favorite toy isn’t under there!


The simplest way to avoid this behavior becoming a problem is to make sure your dog doesn’t go on the furniture.

If that doesn’t resolve things then look at how your pup can be more stimulated throughout the day.

Could their walks be extended? Would they benefit from new toys? Maybe they just need a bit more attention.

A final word on managing your dog’s behavior. Try not to get angry at them when they are digging. It’s a natural instinct that they can’t always control.

If you are still worried about it and want to know further information on why does my dog dig at me then a trip to the vet’s might have the answer for you.

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