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Why Does My Puppy Snore?

There are tons of different reasons why people and puppies snore. The thing is, if you snore, you probably don’t even know it most of the time because you’re asleep!

Why does my puppy snore? Most puppies will snore because there is an airflow restriction. However, some Brachycephalic breeds will snore because they naturally have airflow restrictions.

If your dog is snoring, there’s a variety of different reasons that might be the case; most of them are nothing to worry about, but it is important to know when snoring could become an issue or could be indicative of a different problem.

Why Does My Puppy Snore?

Airflow Restrictions

Snoring in dogs is caused by the exact same reasons that humans snore. When a dog snores, there is some kind of blockage in their nasal passageway that’s preventing their air flow from getting into their body.

It is perfectly normal and is something that happens to everyone and every dog at one point or another.

It could just be that the dog is sleeping in the wrong position, and will naturally adjust throughout the night to fix his position, increase his airflow, and stop snoring.

Also, there are times when a dog’s tongue will drop down his throat, blocking airflow, which will cause snoring.

Brachycephalic Breeds

Some breeds of dogs naturally have airways that are restricted; these dogs will naturally have trouble breathing and will often snore because of their small nasal passageways.

Some of the most popular, brachycephalic breeds are bulldogs and boxers. These dogs have extremely short muzzles and have trouble breathing throughout their lives.

Almost all brachycephalic dogs are going to snore; you should keep in mind that there really is nothing you can do for this breed of dog and that it is completely normal.

If you feel like the snoring is new or that the dog is struggling more to breathe than normal, that’s when you should try and contact a vet to diagnose the issue.

Other Causes

There are tons of other causes of snoring, all of which tie back to the dog not getting enough air.

It could be that the dog is having allergies, which could be blocking his nose and causing snoring just like they can in humans. It could also be obesity, which can block nasal passageways and cause snoring.

Dogs can also have illnesses similar to the common cold which can cause snoring. Either way, in most cases, it is nothing to worry about, just like you wouldn’t really worry about it in humans.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of different reasons why dogs snore; most of them are nothing to worry about. It might seem like an issue when you’re trying to get some sleep, but chances are that your dog will be fine as you listen to him snore.

The only reason you might worry is if your dog is struggling to breathe. Contact your vet if it becomes an issue!


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