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Why Does My Puppy Stare At Me?

One thing you’ll notice in puppies is that they love to sit and stare.

They look incredibly adorable as they sit down and stare at you, your family, your other pets, or just at the wall.

There’s nothing better than a well-mannered puppy that’s calmed down for a bit.

However, if you normally have a crazy, energetic puppy like I do, you might be wondering why he calms down and sits and stares randomly.

When your dog sits and stares at you, there is a variety of different things he could want to know or do.

Knowing why your dog does each thing he or she does will help you know how to respond.

Craving Attention

One of the biggest reasons why a dog will sit and stare at its owner is if it’s craving attention.

Puppies need constant love and affection just like babies, so they will stare at their owners to try and get their attention and get their love.

Many dogs will sit right in front of you just waiting to be pet.

Others will be seeking your attention to take them outside and play with them, or to take them outside to go to the bathroom.

Either way, puppies need attention and should not be ignored if they are staring at you.

You should give the puppy the attention they crave, and they will grow an inseparable bond with you.

Seeking Rewards

Another reason your puppy might be sitting and staring at you is that they are seeking rewards. Many puppies learn to sit as their first trick, so they have sitting associated with treats in their mind.

They think that if they sit in front of you, they are going to be given a treat because that is what has happened for them in the past.

In this case, you want to make sure the dog recognizes that the treat is given because they followed your command rather than simply because they are sitting.

Help them understand that by getting them to stand up and then commanding them to sit back down; if they listen, they can earn the reward!

Reading Our Emotions

Dogs, just like other humans, want to make sure we’re happy.

Puppies will often sit and look at their owner to read their owners’ emotions and see how they can help their owners.

Dogs can often tell when a person is happy or sad and can attempt to make their owners happier.

If your puppy is staring at you, let him take the time to read your emotions and see if there’s something wrong; this is a way the puppy learns to interact with people.

Final Thoughts

Your dog stares for a variety of different reasons, but none of them are out of the ordinary.

You should be ready to show your dog love and affection because he might just be needing attention.

He might also have sitting and staring associated with treats in his mind; make sure he earns the treats you give him!

He might also be reading your emotions. Either way, it’s one of the cutest things your dog will do!


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