Are Boxers Good With Cats?

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If you have a boxer and a cat in the house together, they can and most of the time will get along. In fact, boxers are one of the top five breeds that get along with cats.

However, it’s important to know that it is not always easy.

Are Boxers Good With Cats?

The Boxer

The boxer is a popular breed of dog for many reasons.

This breed is very intelligent and while they can perform in the best of races and dog shows, they also have a mind of their own and they like to sometimes follow their own interests.

Boxer owners need to be patient with this breed and be consistent at the same time. They must also be willing to be creative with their intentions as well.

Boxers have a history of being good hunters however they are not fighters. This breed likes a lifestyle where they are a part of a family.

He or she will protect their family, show patience around children, and just want to be a part of everyday life.

Introducing Boxers To Cats

Because of the boxers temperament, they can get along with cats, however, there are a couple of factors to consider:

Was the cat a kitten when you introduced it to the boxer?

If you bring in a cute little kitten to your boxer, he or she will most likely look at it and walk away.

You may find them sitting by at a distance watching the kitten and eventually the kitten will warm up to the boxer whether they are ready or not.

The main goal is to give your boxer time to get to know and watch the kitten before forcing them to get along.

The kitten will want to most likely play a lot with the boxer and the boxer needs to know that this is simply play and the cats not trying to attack.

Once your boxer learns the habit of the kitten, they will begin to get a long and slowly form a bond between the two as they both grow up.

Introducing an adult cat

If you introduce an adult cat, they will still get along in the end, but it may take a little longer to get adjusted.

That’s because the boxer is already set in his/her own way and the cat is as well. So, to get along it is going to take some effort on both parties.

Introducing a Boxer to a Cat

If the boxer is a puppy and the cat is still in the kitten stages, then they will most likely form a good strong bond from the beginning.

The boxer will look at the kitten as part of his or her pack and they will have no issues.

If the boxer is introduced to the adult cat as a puppy, the cat will most likely view the boxer puppy as an intruder and want nothing to do with it for a long period of time.

The puppy will have some growing and playing to do while its developing into an adult and the adult cat will want nothing to do with the boxer’s shenanigans.

If you are introducing the boxer and the cat both as adults, put the boxer on the leash and have someone hold the cat and give them a little while to adjust to each other.

It may take some time so slowly ease into bringing them together.


Are Boxers good with cats? Yes, they can be when given the time to get to know each other and learn what each other likes and doesn’t like.

Forcing a bond between animals is probably not going to end well. It’s going to take time, planning, and patience to work through it.

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