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Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

German shepherds are some of the most beautiful dogs in the entire world. If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd, rest easy knowing that these dogs make fantastic family pets.

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs? Yes, German Shepherds are good family dogs. Yet, being well-trained plays a huge part in how they act around others of all ages.

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However, when picking any dog, it is important to study up on how well this dog will mesh with your family. You should know about both the good and the bad when making the decision to add a dog to the family.

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

The Good

When it comes to German Shepherds, the pros certainly outweigh the cons when it comes to finding the perfect family dog.

You should keep in mind that the behavior of any dog can vary depending on how they’ve been trained and treated since they were puppies; if you get the dog as a puppy, you can have a major influence on making sure it is social and trained well.

A trained German Shepherd that has been treated well since it was a puppy is great with kids and will make a great family dog; an abused dog will be exceedingly difficult to retrain.

German Shepherds are also known to mesh well with other pets as long as they have been socialized from youth.

The Bad

There is nothing bad, per se, about picking a German Shepherd as a family pet. However, you should know that they constantly shed, so it is something you will have to deal with throughout the entire year, every year.

A lot of dogs shed all year, so make sure that is something you are willing to deal with before getting any dog. They also need to be trained early and socialized to ensure that they understand how to act around kids or other dogs.

Finally, you need to know that German Shepherds will demand a lot of your time. When you neglect them or choose not to take them out to exercise, you might find that they get unruly and are more likely to do damage inside your home.

How Are German Shepherds With Kids?

Because German Shepherds are intelligent, they are generally good with kids and do a great job of understanding that children need to be treated gently.

You need to keep in mind that this is all dependent on their training from youth; if you train a German Shepherd well, it will be a great addition to your family for its entire life.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds make fantastic family dogs; if you are considering getting one for your family, make sure you can see that it has been trained well and treated well, or get one as a puppy so you can socialize him or her with your family.

If you can look past the shedding and the constant need to exercise, you will find an incredibly loyal and friendly dog that will make a great addition to your life.


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