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4 Best Remote Control Dog Toys In 2021 + 4 Automatic Dog Toys

Are you a dog owner looking for a new way to play? Look no further than remote control dog toys as the better alternative to traditional toys! 

They are better than traditional dog toys for a variety of reasons that will be discussed in this piece. 

What is a Remote Control Dog Toy? 

Remote Control dog toys are different from typical/traditional dog toys in several key ways. 

First of all, rather than running on hand power or any other method, they are run through electric power. 

Secondly, they can be either automatic or manually controlled through a remote of some kind.  Finally, they often rely on the motion as a key component. 

What Makes A Remote Control Dog Toy Worth It? 

We all love our pets. But not every toy is worth the amount of money asked for. 

What are some ways to tell what remote control dog toys are worth it and which are not? 

First of all, a good remote control dog toy should be battery-powered. 

Needing to be plugged in leads to being tethered to a very small radius around your house, which is not ideal for the dog’s exercise and movement or the function of the toy. 

Secondly, it should be able to be versatile: to provide a unique experience each time it is used. 

For example, different speeds, colors, etc. to ensure that a dog doesn’t tire of it at all. It should be able to adapt to the needs of each individual dog. 

Finally, it should be intuitive. Dogs won’t understand complex systems, when they want to play, they want to play, and they follow instinct. 

A good toy will cater to this reality though obvious mechanisms and rewards. 

How Does A Remote Control Toy Help Your Dog? 

Dogs typically need somewhere between half an hour and two hours of exercise per day. 

Most owners do not have the time or energy to commit this type of time. 

However, with the assistance of a remote control/electronic dog toy, you can enable your dog to exercise from the comfort of your home, or in some cases fully automatically while completing other tasks. 

Remote control dog toys are a great way to spice up playtime for your dog so they can get the exercise they require daily.

A dog that is not exercised properly can not only start to gain weight but become restless and or violent in the house. So, it’s essential to exercise your dog!

What To Be Aware Of When Buying A Remote Control Dog Toy 

These toys are electronic, so they may short out or not work in bad conditions. 

Consult the instructions of the manual or instructions of your specific purchase to learn what it can and can’t handle in terms of conditions.

These toys are a really fun and engaging way to get your dog moving!

These toys can reduce separation anxiety for both you and your pets through the ability to speak to them or view them through a camera. 

Whether or not you can leave your dog alone with any of these products you should read about on a product-by-product basis.

However, generally with remote control dog toys you should ALWAYS supervise your dog’s playtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there typically a subscription fee for more advanced systems? 

No, most systems are a one time purchase.

Can these systems take care of my pets?

In general, there are products that can dispense water or food for your dogs, but you should not leave your dog home alone for any extended period of time.

The toys we focus on in this article are great ways to get fun exercise for your dog, but you should still be present and supervise them during playtime.

Are these devices compatible with my home network?

Most are not, but a few high-end devices can be connected to a smart network. 

4 Best Remote Control Dog Toys In 2020

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

Although this remote control dog toy does have an amazing automatic mode, it also has a super fun manual driving mode that allows you to insert yourself into your dog’s exercise!

Simply download their app and connect via Bluetooth and you are off to the races!

The robot can move in several directions, play lots of noises to get your dog’s attention, and even toss treats to reward them after a fun session!

And when you are done driving the toy, just set it back to automatic mode and your dog can keep going.

The automatic mode has several features that make it optimal for most dog owners.

First off, the automatic mode has obstacle avoidance so it knows when it is on course to collide with something.

You can use their app to set up scheduled playtime so the robot can automatically activate and engage your dog.

And the last thing I’ll say about the movement of this remote control dog toy is that it has 16 different preset movements built-in so your dog doesn’t get bored of the chase.

As far as its physical features, this robot has been tested and is waterproof. As well as being durable, it comes with a protective case that enhances its durability and prevents some damage to the actual robot itself.


  • Able to function without direct human control. 
  • Exercises your pet, which is good for their health. 
  • User friendly app. 
  • Resistant to wear and tear.


  • Could become repetitive. 

Wicked Bone Smart Bone 

Similar to the last remote control dog toy, this toy has a manual mode and an automatic mode so you aren’t always reliant on driving it yourself!

Using their app, you can move the virtual joystick through your phone and watch your dog chase this around the house.

You can also choose from 9 preset motions for when you want to really entice your dog with something they haven’t seen before.

The range is also very impressive as the Bluetooth connection range is up to 30 feet, plenty of distance for a good-sized chase inside the house.

However, for the best connection, it is recommended that you stay within 10 feet of the toy during manual mode playtime.

The automatic mode is very cool as well! It actually reacts to emotions from your dog which makes playtime much more interesting.

In fact, there are actually 12 different emotions built-in to this product already!

Pros – 

  • Many different modes
  • Works autonomously and manually
  • Variety in colors and sizes


  • Some dogs may be scared a first, and will require warming up to this toy.

SKYMEE Owl Robot

This toy might be my favorite on this list because it has several features no other toy on this list does.

First, it comes with a built-in camera that can stream 1080p full HD video straight to your phone! This way you are able to see what your dog is up to from your phone.

This camera also features 4X zoom if you just want to check on them, without them seeing. And there is even a night vision mode for the camera that allows you to see your dog in the dark!

For the manual remote control dog toy mode, you can simply use wifi! Better yet you can access your pet robot from wherever you are through their app.

There is even a treat dispenser so you can reward your dog when playtime has concluded.

Lastly, there is the automatic mode that engages your dog when you aren’t able to.

During automatic mode this robot toy will react to your dogs touch and behavior which makes for a really good time!


  • 1080p Full HD Camera Stream
  • Wifi Connectivity And AP Connectivity When On The Go
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Reaction Based On Pet Behavior In Automatic Mode


  • Only Supports 2.4Ghz WIFI Connection

Swift Paws: Remote Control Capture The Flag For Dogs

This product is versatile and able to be changed from play session to play session.  The product works like this: A number of pulleys are attached to the ground. 

They use a motor to pull a string between them, and you attach something for your dog to chase (A white flag comes with the product) to the string.  

You can set up the pulleys in any shape, and additional pulleys are available for purchase. 

The remote control lets you control the speed and direction of the object from wherever you are. It’s powered by batteries and quick and easy to set up anywhere. 

The basic package comes with 1 main motor and 3 additional pulleys, with more available for purchase. 


  • Quick setup
  • Adaptable structure
  • Usable anywhere


  • May not be best for all types of dogs.  

Buy On Swiftpaws.com

5 Best Automatic Dog Toys With No Remote Control

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs

This toy is an automatic tennis ball launcher that lets dogs play fetch for as long as they would like! 

There are small and large variations depending on how big your dog is and how big you need the tennis balls to be.

This teaches dogs valuable skills like how to initiate playtime on their own, and how to run and fetch better than ever before. Owner supervision is recommended, however.  

Adjustable power for use either inside or outside at distances between 10 and 30 feet.

It comes with storage to contain extra balls. Has a one year all money back guarantee warranty. This is powered either by a power cord or 6 C batteries.  


  • Easy to use
  • Gives pets exercise
  • Has some variability
  • Two variations for different sized dogs  

Sikoon Wicked Ball

This is built and designed around interacting automatically with your dog. It has 3 built-in reaction modes and an intelligent companion system. 

This ball is completely waterproof and is durable, however, this is not for chewing. If your dog does chew this toy too much they could break it or make lots of tooth marks. 

This ball is also built with easy cleaning in mind. A 1-year warranty comes provided. 


  • Waterproof
  • Automatic
  • 1-year warranty


  • May break under extreme pressure 
  • Does not have a companion app
  • Some Say It Does Not Work Great On Carpet Floors

HYPER PET- Interactive Plush Toy

This is a plush squeaky toy that wiggles, vibrates, and barks, encouraging your dog to play! 

This toy is perfect for dogs in all stages of life.  It is able to keep them both mentally and physically active throughout the day to reduce stress. 

Powered by 3 triple A batteries, this toy is perfect for long playtimes. The toy is activated by a button on the top and continues to work as long as it is in motion. 

In addition, many additional covers are available for purchase. 


  • Long battery life
  • Can be used independently after turned on


  • May be susceptible to damage during play
  • Could become repetitive

Pet Droid Interactive Dog Toy

This is an automated moving ball for your dog to follow around. It runs on a rechargeable battery which can last as long as a full day of use. 

However, this is built for hardwood floors only, not carpet or outdoors.  This ball has two different modes. Rolling with a little bouncing, and “Crazy ball mode” with a lot of bouncing. 

A feather attached to it attracts pets to exercise. This contributes to their overall health. 


  • Exercises pets
  • Works without supervision 


  • Works on hard floors only, not outside or thick carpets.

Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball

A light-up bouncy ball for your dog, this product has many different lights and sounds in its reservoir to keep your dog entertained! 

This toy is great for special needs pets! (Including poor eyesight, hearing, or separation anxiety.) 

This toy has a proven long battery life-sustaining up to 15,000 phrases or light uses. 

This is a toy built to help exercise your pet and entertain them. It can be used by them when you are not home and is durable enough to take any attack.


  • Attracts Dog’s Attention Well
  • Is motion activated


  • May not be as effective in exercising depending on how it is used


So, which out of these products do I recommend? Personally I must recommend the SKYMEE Owl Robot.

For what I would want in a remote control dog toy I find that the SKYMEE Owl Robot gives me all that and more.

I find it super cool that you can take control and play with your dogs remotely through the wifi.

Not only that, but you are able to do it from another room because of the fantastic connection distance and camera that streams directly to your phone inside the app.

Lastly, for the days that you aren’t able to manually control the robot you can use the intelligent automatic mode.

A mode that will get your dog moving without you having to steer it. Better yet this toy knows how to steer itself and react to your dog’s actions.


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