47 Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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Naming your dog is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your dog. You will have to say this name for several years and they will have to remember it.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large and beautiful breed that originated from the Swiss Alps. Although many might accidentally call these burmese mountain dog names, they are indeed Bernese Mountain Dog names. Named in part after the place in Switzerland they are from, Bern.

It is good to choose a unique name, but a name you can say loud and easily. I have put together 47 names that are great for your Bernese Mountain Dog!

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What Are The Bernese Mountain Dog Names?

A bernese mountain dog laying on the sidewalk

  1. Bear

  2. Moose

  3. Winston

  4. Teddy

  5. Bernard

  6. Jack

  7. Rusty

  8. Tim

  9. Zeus

  10. Rocky

A bernese mountain dog running in the grass

  1. Tank

  2. Tuck

  3. Dozer

  4. Ace

  5. Max

  6. Pluto

  7. Harry

  8. Thor

  9. Indiana

  10. Bailey

A bernese mountain dog puppy standing in front of a white background

  1. Athena

  2. Ellie

  3. Marcus

  4. Rose

  5. Shepard

  6. Banjo

  7. Bonnie

  8. Sarah

  9. Rayne

  10. Duke

A bernese mountain dog laying in grass

  1. Lara

  2. Beethoven

  3. Baxter

  4. Drax

  5. Frank

  6. Lady

  7. Comet

  8. Brian

  9. Oakley

  10. Spike

A bernese mountain dog puppy laying in the snow

  1. Beast

  2. Fraya

  3. Charlie

  4. Valkyrie

  5. Loki

  6. Daisy

  7. Bell

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